Space-Cab – Honking Cab Inc.

Jump into the shark pool of interstellar cab business! Guide your passengers of this universe quick, safe and comfortable to their destination and reach for the stars.

The Honking Cab Inc. is the hottest wheel of this universe, but you are driving the oddest cab under this flag by far. Because you are driving a vintage space ship with firecracker driven engine.

Collect your passengers and guide them safely to their destination in between the given lapse of time. Make sure you do not run out of firecracker, keep track of your road map and do not mess with the police! 

Earn credits, to upgrade your cab. But earning credits is not enough. You also have to compete with other drivers in race tracks to win the needed spare parts for upgrading your cab. Increase your firecracker storage capacity and expand your cabs range. Look for more comfort of your passenger cabin, since a relaxed passenger is also satisfied with longer waiting and running times. And then there also is a more solid chassis, stronger shock absorbers and lots more to improve. 

Travel through hyperspace between the stars and expand your drivers licence, to explore all reachable worlds and planets of this universe with their different environments, challenges and race tracks. 

Buy additional vehicles with different attributes to expand your personal cab pool and find your favourite machine.  

Space-Cab is a sci-fi action-racing-game. The innovative tapper for a cracker control by means of more or less realistic physics and your trustworthiness as driver makes this game an intelligent amusement and a very special challenge.

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